Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is this? Basically, we are a couple of puzzle-crazed brothers with a simple concept: we come to your event and host a puzzle-solving experience for your group. The objective of each game varies but the common denominator involves solving elaborate clues before the time runs out! Good luck!

Which game is for me? We are in the process of creating games that range in difficulty from easy to impossible.

How many people can play at once? We have had requests ranging from 20 players or less to 200 or more players! Stay with me here: each game requires one room, and can hold as many 20 participants. To accommodate groups larger than 20, we offer the option of running games simultaneously. This requires additional rooms. See the “Pricing” tab for an example of which option might work best for your group!  

How much prep time is required before the game begins? We will show up to your event at least an hour early to begin setting up your game.

Do I need to break my large group up into smaller groups before you guys arrive? While you may choose to strategize about who is in each group, it’s not necessary. We can break a large group up into random groups of 20.  

What else do I need to know? Before entering the game, we will take 15 minutes to prepare the group by going over some important information about their gaming experience. When the game ends, we will allow teams 15 minutes to celebrate (not gonna happen) or wallow in self-defeat. If another group is about to enter, we will also use that time to rearrange the room!

Do I get charged an additional fee for pregame setup, prep, debrief, cleanup, etc? No. It is all included in our base rate.

Still have questions? Contact Us!